Summary of 13 Years with Bitcoin

Bitcoin entered our lives exactly in 2009. Although it was not well known in the first period, its popularity quickly increased and it caused very radical changes. But what kind of changes have occurred in our lives in these thirteen years? If you wish, let's include them quickly.

Crypto Mining Definition Entered Our Lives

Crypto mining has become extremely popular not only in the country but all over the world. This adventure, which started with Bitcoin, continued with the mining of all coins, especially Ethereum, which set out to eliminate its shortcomings.

Since mining is done with very serious energy and inefficient hardware, we have finally become able to mine coins even by renting your time, when we say processor, graphics card, electricity.

Brought Fundamental Changes in Technology

Many products have now started to be developed in the blockchain technology center. Firms began to receive their payments and to search for new investments. Blockchain parts were used in many subjects such as logistics, energy, and journalism, especially in politics and the economy.

Currencies began to move more easily. Moreover, countries fell into a difficult situation as their traces could not be traced. It's happened to billionaires whose names we don't even know. In this way, many people went bankrupt by investing millions of lira in projects that never existed, with the desire to make easy money.

Long story short, in these thirteen years, both uncertainty and wealth have appeared in the market. Along with Youtube, many crypto money analysts have emerged. Since it was not possible to receive any training on this subject, people who could make simple definitions introduced themselves as experts.

Innovations Happened

Many companies say that the future is in blockchain technology and channeled their investments here. There have been revolutionary developments all over the world, especially in communication. Some very large companies wanted their investments and studies to be kept confidential. Others missed the target. The truth is that during this time technology has revolutionized. It has now entered a process where people who are more involved with technology and doing research start to get an easy reward for their efforts.