What is Horizen (ZEN) and Horizen (ZEN) Mining?

Horizen, also known as zen coin, is a blockchain project implemented with the principle of reward. This project has managed to develop itself so quickly that it has spread and developed over time and has managed to transform itself to be used in daily life.

The Zen protocol was designed based on Zerocash. It draws attention as a prominent coin in the security center. Zen coin takes a different place when it comes to crypto mining.

How is Free Horizen Mining Done?

Horizen distribution is made through the faucet system. In the first period when horizen was first released, 1 zen was given as a gift per day. As the horizen coin started to appreciate over time, the number of tasks increased this time. Horizen coin is not a mined coin by normal crypto mining styles. If you wish, you can have more detailed information about the faucet system by visiting the website of Horize. This system stands out as an extremely useful and privileged system.

Let's briefly talk about the features of horizen that distinguish it from other coins. Above all, horizen attracts attention as a Zcash fork. When options such as privacy, efficiency, speed, and economic mining are gathered together, we can say that Zcash is equipped with its shortcomings.

This stands out as more efficient and more privileged blockchain technology. Horizen has managed to become a preferred coin, especially by an increasingly crowded audience.

Horizen Future

With its different infrastructure, we will be able to actively use this coin in our daily life. Although priority collections are currently being made, it seems that this project will continue to work with its new goals in time.

How to buy Horizen? There are many different answers to the question. First of all, if you want to buy this coin on the stock markets, it would not be wrong to say that you can trade from almost all the major stock exchanges in the world, according to the coin market cap data.

At the same time, horizen draws attention as a coin that can be traded and traded with many different coins such as BTC, ETH, BUSD, USDT.