Nicholas Merten, Will the Shiba Inu Rise?

Famous crypto analyst Nicholas Merten made comments on Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, and other altcoin projects, which are among the leading cryptos. According to Merten's predictions, the Bitcoin price is preparing for a major comeback in the coming months.

"Bitcoin Will Return To $60 Thousand"

Famous analyst Nicholas Merten, the owner of the Data Dash channel with over 500 thousand subscribers and making a statement in a youtube video he just published, said that the summer rally in the crypto market is very close to starting.

The famous analyst said that he believes that Bitcoin will return to $60,000 in November 2021 and that his altcoins will achieve a rapid upward momentum in these rallies.

“This is why the crypto market will start to rise!”

In his evaluation, Nicholas Merten said: "I know that people think about bitcoin first and then the status of altcoins. Every day we see a new altcoin and they can rise between 10% and 20% in a few days. Institutions now take a new market order without waiting for the limit orders to be filled. "Because they get the FOMO feeling while they're waiting around the corner. That's why the crypto market will start to rise."

Nicholas Merten, who has made predictions many times before and especially likes to make predictions on Shiba Inu, stated that when Bitcoin reaches $ 60 thousand in the summer, Shiba Inu, which is his favorite coin, will also be affected by this rally.