Solana, Altcoins That Are Bringing The Market Up

Some assets stand out in the progress of altcoins. Many assets can move thanks to altcoins that allow the rocket to fire. It is an altcoin that everyone knows closely, which is already pushing the market up. The asset, which has made a big splash since the day it was released, has created an event effect in the market with every release.

Solana, which is the fixture of the market, does not pass this week empty. Thanks to her performance both weekly and daily, she is progressing by putting it on. It is even more positive than it makes the monthly close above the psychological level of $100. The asset, which impresses with its market value, surpasses its competitors one by one.

Solana (SOL), led by Anatoly Yakovenko since 2017, has become a fixture in cryptocurrency trading with its high performance in recent months. The blockchain platform makes all its investors happy by offering solutions ranging from simple wallets to transaction speed to high-level investment funds such as Bitcoin Suisse.

Solana, who was able to make a name for himself despite all the difficult conditions he encountered during his formation, did not forget to reward his investors with high returns either.

Solana, Keeps Increasing

SOL is up about 17% over the past seven days and is most recently trading around $120, its highest level since late November. The asset also advanced around 2 percent as the overall market fell in the last 24 hours.

The token rose in the second half of March and sharply recovered from a seven-month low in the middle of the month. Earlier this week, it had beaten Terra (LUNA) and earned 8th place. It then surpassed Cardano and Ripple.

Popular twitter analyst SmartContracter noted that SOL is showing a bullish morning star pattern for March and is poised for further recovery after losses earlier in the month. The token is up about 33% from its March low of $81.

The asset was also included in the smart contracts fund recently launched by Grayscale. Solana accounts for about a quarter of the fund launched.