Is It Possible To Shop With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an experimental blockchain project. If Bitcoin had been a privileged project in every aspect, there would not have been nearly a thousand coins already. Every coin project that comes to the market has set out to make up for the shortcomings of the previous example. This has caused competition and uncertainty in the market in the long run.

Bitcoin Still The Strongest

Maybe it wouldn't make much sense to use the word strong to describe Bitcoin, but if we consider the trust in it, we can say that the most reliable cryptocurrency in the market is bitcoin. But is it just an investment tool? Is it possible to shop with Bitcoin?

Uncertainties in Bitcoin

Considering the topics such as Bitcoin is still a coin that continues to be produced with crypto mining, and there is no movement in some large wallets, it would not be wrong to say that some question marks about bitcoin continue.

However, this makes it possible to shop with bitcoin. Especially when it comes to foreign websites, it is possible to shop with bitcoin from many addresses. It is fair to say that there are not many opportunities to shop when it comes to transferring fees and waiting times in our active daily lives.

It wouldn't make much sense to go to a grocery store, buy a kilo of flour and pay with bitcoin at the checkout. Both the waiting time and some extra fees will make this purchase unreasonable. But of course, you can use this payment method to go to a car dealership and buy a car.

As we mentioned in the example above, bitcoin is not very close to being an alternative to money. Because for money to be an alternative, it is expected to be a medium of exchange with high liquidity, just like money. However, it is seen that bitcoin still has some shortcomings.

Although we think that such a process is not possible for bitcoin today, it would not even be sincere for alternative projects to be successful if they feed the interest. It will be possible to wait and see more clearly how these projects will follow. For now, it may be possible to observe the features and details of these privileged projects. We can say that we have no choice but to wait.