Information About Zcash

The success of blockchain projects and their rise in the stock markets are directly related to their investors. Zcash, on the other hand, has managed to attract the attention of both small investors and big sponsors due to the system it has established in the privacy center.

Zcash is a regularly tested coin with a very serious team. These tests were mostly tested by scientists in terms of investment and by hackers in terms of system security vulnerability.

Privacy and Zcash

In fact, privacy is paramount when it comes to Zcash. As it is known, crypto money holders state that confidentiality is extremely important in their transactions. Many blockchain projects do not take privacy beyond standard procedures. Confidentiality is extremely important in procedures such as controlling personal data, transfer and pricing.

How does it ensure privacy? It provides Zcash privacy protocol with Zero Kowledge Proof technology. Thanks to this protocol, a new system of secrecy comes to the fore. Compared to Bitcoin, Zcash is 4 times faster and has a completely confidential structure. In the case of a Bitcoin-related transfer, this transfer is designed to be visible to everyone. However, such a thing is not possible with Zcash and maximum confidentiality is provided.

What Are Zcash Competitors?

Privacy is often perceived as account privacy when it comes to cryptocurrencies. However, in some cases, users prefer to remain confidential at the maximum level. This situation is also known to be directly related to crypto mining. For this reason, it is found in other privacy-conscious coins such as ZEC. These are undoubtedly Monero, Dash, and Verge. Coins with similar characteristics have emerged at intervals. However, it would not be wrong to say that no coin has managed to grow as much as ZEC and the coins we have mentioned above.

What is the Biggest Difference?

Thanks to ZEC, it is possible to make secure or completely confidential transactions. If you want to do public transactions transparently, it will be enough to mark the letter T, if you want to make a secure and completely confidential transaction, the letter Z.

In this way, you can use ZEC. Moreover, research has shown that Zcash is not recognized as a coin used for illegal activities until now.